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Calpe Rowing Club
6 Europort Road

Tel: 72605
Fax: 50590



It is a very real pleasure for me, on behalf of the Mediterranean Rowing Club, to offer congratulations to Calpe on the occasion of its 125th anniversary.

Calpe is Gibraltar's oldest rowing club and has made a large contribution to the life of our community. As the only other rowing club, and their contenders in the water, I think we in Med know better than anyone the measure of Calpe's worth and the merit of its work. The countless one time youngsters it has trained through the years will today recall with joy all that Calpe has meant to them, and even if some are no longer active members of the Club, their attachment and loyalty to CRC will come to the fore at this important time.

Indeed this will be for all at Calpe a time for reminiscing. First to be remembered will be the founders of the Club, but there will also be memories of former members and staff, past events and individual experiences in the Club. I have no doubt that uppermost in the minds of many will be memories of the old clubhouse where they grew up, and which they would rather not have left. In MRC we know the feeling.

As for Med, not only are we their contenders but since 1996, also their next-door neighbours. I believe this has strengthened the bonds of friendship that unite us, and it has opened for us both possibilities for co-operation, and joint action in certain matters. These possibilities will develop further as time goes on, and our successors will reap the fruits of it.

On behalf of the Committee, and the entire membership of MRC, I offer good wishes to Calpe for the present and for its prosperity in the future. I have no doubt that the anniversary celebrations will be a success, to the extent that they will be in themselves another happy memory in years to come.

Clive Mendez

It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity, on behalf of the Flag Officers, Committee and Members of Royal Gibraltar Yacht Club, to congratulate the President, Committee and Members of the Calpe Rowing Club on the occasion of the 125th Anniversary of your Club.

Your club is a mere 47 years younger than ours and I know that you are all justly proud of your history and achievements over the years. More recently you faced the challenge of building and moving to new premises. A challenge, which you met head on and can now boast having some very modern premises with excellent facilities. A similar challenge looms on the horizon for the RGYC.

On a more personal note I remember as a child, going to the Calpe Rowing Club at Devil's Tongue, with my father. I remember the volleyball matches, men in skimpy swimwear sitting in "El Rincon" and the flagpole to which I often became attached!!! Not the best behaved of children, some of you will no doubt also remember some of my antics.

I feel immensely proud to have been invited to put pen to paper on such an important date in the history of your Club. We at the Royal Gibraltar Yacht Club send you all at the Calpe Rowing Club our heartfelt congratulations and most sincere best wishes for the continued prosperity of your Club.

Patrick H. Canessa
Commodore of Royal Gibraltar Yacht Club